Dix Hills dental implants

Dix Hills Dental Implants

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Single implants in Dix Hills

Dix Hills dental implants
Dix Hills dental implants

Dix Hills dental implants can be the basis for a modern type of bridge or denture, but they’re most commonly utilized to replace single teeth. Here at Commack Dental Associates, you’ll find it simple and straightforward to get the new tooth you need to fill that empty space where your natural one used to be.

There are various reasons why you might have lost a tooth. It could be an infection that was not treatable with root canal, or the result of trauma from an accident or injury. Still another possibility is advanced decay that is beyond help. Whatever the cause, you’re know stuck with a less than complete set of teeth, along with the drawbacks associated with that. For those teeth that show when you smile, you now have an aesthetic concern that may make you self-conscious. A back tooth could compromise your ability to efficiently chew your food. And no matter what tooth it is, your others may shift, leading to discomfort, and possibly throwing your occlusion (bite) out of alignment. Our Dix Hills dental implants start with an examination and some basic imaging to determine if you’re a good candidate for them. To be eligible, you’ll need a sufficiently strong and thick jaw bone structure and basically healthy gums. There are two key components of our Dix Hills dental implants. First is the root, which is a titanium post placed in your jaw. Over several months, your bone tissue grows around the post and fuses with it. Once that occurs, impressions are taken for the creation of a tooth-colored crown that is cemented to the top of the post. Your other teeth remain unaffected, and there is no messy adhesive needed.

Get started with our Dix Hills dental implants. Set up an appointment to come in and see our dentist. There’s no reason to go without one of your essential teeth any longer.

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