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Dental decay in Dix Hills

Keeping cavities to a minimum is a high priority for us at Commack Dental Associates. In fact, with the right strategy, it’s not out of the question that you could make them virtually non-existent. They’re caused by dental decay, which is the result of dental plaque and tartar. So, it makes sense, when it comes to prevention, to start there.

Dental plaque is bacterial, and its acids erode your tooth structure. Each time you brush your teeth, you are successful in removing the overwhelming majority of the dental plaque that is on your teeth, between them, and at the gum line. Our Dix Hills dentist recommends that you brush first thing each morning, last thing at night, and if at all possible, also after meals. Flossing is also key. You only need do so once per day, but be thorough, and make it before bedtime, after you’re done eating and drinking for the day. The less time dental plaque has to be in contact with your teeth, the less dental decay has the opportunity to occur. Any plaque that is not eliminated with your oral hygiene routine is going to eventually become harder and crustier. In that form, it’s referred to as tartar. And tartar cannot be effectively addressed except with professional teeth cleanings. Getting one every six months by visiting our Dix Hills dentist means eradicating tartar buildup. The outcome is less chance of future cavities. In addition, existing cavities will be detected in a timely fashion, leading to them getting filled so they do not grow larger and open you up to increased risk of toothaches, infections, and the remedies for them.

Our Dix Hills dentist would like to see you two times per year to keep dental decay and cavities contained. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

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